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A CRM for multiple teams

Starting state

Xerox has a tradition in the IT industry of offering document processing systems with devices and production systems focused on digital printing and document management software. In Poland, outside of direct sales to customers, the company’s activities are based on a dealer network of companies providing service and the sale of devices.




Create a software that manages sales, service, processes and project administration

Company needs

This dealer network did not have a dedicated sales and service management system. Commercial activities and datasharing lived in Microsoft Excel sheets. Here, customer data, sales processes, and the history of customer interactions were all saved.

Dealers needed a CRM system that would take control of all internal processes and enable efficient management.


The document processing outsourcing department also required a project management system. So we made certain that this system allowed this team to manage document outsourcing projects in the context of resources, schedules and budgets involved.

The end result was a solution that allows for more efficient management of the organization and its 80+ employees, while equipping individual teams with the tools they needed to better serve their large high-touch client-base.

Created Software

Using FileMaker, we created a CRM that would support the company's activities and designed it to meet the individual needs of the departments. This allowed for better management of the marketing, sales and service processes of Xerox devices. We made certain this system included a customer base, records of meetings and contacts. It allows teams to organize marketing campaigns and manage the sales funnel, reporting the effectiveness of the sales team's work. On the flipside of the business, the service department needed a system for managing interventions and a fleet of devices located at customers' premises. We created an application that allows them to always maintain up-to-date data on the condition of these devices, allowing customers to offer replacement of machines when they reach their operating limits. It also manages service interventions, allowing the control of sophisticated SLA levels of service contracts.

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