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Bartosz Liszkowski
Founder & Owner

Enjoy how effectively tech upgrades are completed when they're created by a
business-minded leader.


  • FileMaker senior developer
  • FileMaker business alliance member
  • 20+ Years experience creating FileMaker applications

Business Managment

  • Decades of experiance including roles as General Manager, COO, and Executive Director
  • Master's of Science, Automatic Control & Robotics + MBA

Business Development

  • Trained & experienced in sales development, relationship building & negotiations, strategy & business development
  • Trained in project management, managing under pressure & selling under pressure

“I’m passionate about helping businesses take the actions they need to level up their operations. In the world of tech, I bring the unique perspective of a past career in business leadership and operations, allowing me to implement technology within the greater context of what’s best for the business.”

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Get the powerful technology you need, designed and directed by an experienced business leader.


60-286 Poznań, ul. Słoneczna 4
VAT ID: PL7821703309
Phone: +48 601789966

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