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CRM for the Franchisor

Starting state

The has been operating on the global automotive market for over 50 years, with anetwork of franchise stores in several dozen countries. The developmentsttegy in each country assumes the launch of a main outlet (master franchise)and a number of smaller, sub-licensed outlets (anywhere from two to severaldozen, depending on the size of the market). Recently, the brand was introducedto the EU market with a franchise debut in Poland.






Create a CRM designed for managing all of the processes in franchise network

Company needs

Despite the parentorganization's maturity, it lacks an integrated IT system. In each of the 30+countries where they are located, franchisees use different tools – often just an application for invoicing. Most locations still use paper forms throughout their business process. For the newly-established unit in Poland, there is no pattern that can be implemented and the first institution organizes its activities using primitive tools.


First, we analyzed their internal processes in terms of sales and service provision, work time management and methods of cooperation with a partner network. Then, using FileMaker, we created a dedicated IT system, which helps to manage each branch separately, whileallowing the headquarters in Poland to manage their entire franchise network.

Thanks to the FileMaker platform, the entire project was completed within three months.

Created Software

All business processes were closed into one system, including franchisee management, a central customer base and marketing operations integrating by customer interest and segmented into a variety of communication channels. In addition, this included the system controlling orders and order execution, overseeing time tracking for the performance of each service, providing control of work times and calendars of technical workers. We also integrated support for sales. The system conducts invoicing and complex commission settlements with cooperating car dealers, while providing control over cash turnover in each salon. It also generates multi-dimensional reports, with the entire system available from the cloud for each unit in the franchise network to access.

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