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Replace repetitive actions with better automation. Whether it’s one problem area or multiple areas of inefficiency, we create custom-built app solutions using FileMaker.

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Complete Digital transformation

We’ll guide you through a comprehensive audit of your current systems to help you identify where custom applications will lead to greater efficiency and increased output. Create the right solutions and avoid costly missteps.

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Why FileMaker?


We can help you create an application that meets the very specific requirements of your business. Connect your existing systems to fully support the daily activities of your employees.

With GoIDEA, you can have your customized application ready in no time. We focus on saving you time and freeing up your valuable resources so you can focus on growing your company.


Many companies do not have a clear picture of application requirements. FileMaker allows you to safely start working without having to know what the final form of the program will be. FileMaker is flexible, so you don’t have to stress. Requirements may change over the course of the project, as your company evolves. GoIDEA can help you easily adjust your application to meet these changes, without significant time or cost. Easily engage users at every stage and build a more effective system that evolves on an ongoing basis based on user feedback.


Your application is created once and then can be made available on various platforms (desktops/laptops/web-based). The application can operate locally or in a server environment where it can be used by hundreds of users at the same time. To ensure your information is secure, data transfer is encrypted.


FileMaker is safe, not only in terms of technology, access rights and data encryption,but also when it comes to securing these elements into the future. Security is ensured by a very large ecosystem of users and developers from around the world. They form a global network of professionals that continuously ensure support and the most up-to-date technology available.


The cost of creating and maintaining an application using the FileMaker platform is several times lower when compared to similar technologies. Even complex projects can be completed quickly by a single software developer.


Applications created using the platform can be run natively on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad devices. Moreover, web-based applications can be used on all systems (including those using Android software). The application is created once and in this form it works immediately on all devices.


FileMaker is a product of Claris International Inc. - a subsidiary of Apple, which enjoys an incomparable reputation built on its high-quality software. The technology is mature and the company has been operating on the market for over 30 years. FileMaker software is used by over 20 million users worldwide and new versions of the platform are released every year, with updates released several times each year.

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Dissatisfied with your current applications? Don’t start from scratch. We can help you build better applications that are well-suited for how your business operates.

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