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Digital signage

Starting state

MVP Team Photos serves sports societies that bring together young players from various disciplines. One society often consists of several dozen teams, and each team consists of several dozen members. Sports societies sign contracts for photo sessions, which can span over several days, bringing together all of the players from a given society. This means the MVP photographers may be photographing several thousand players in the course of a very short time period. Group photos need to also be factored into these truncated schedules.




Process optimization
Online store

Company needs

The business currently used the FileMaker platform, but needed it expanded to allow for the identification of each player, making photo sessions more streamlined and minimizing errors and lag time during the ordering and acquisition process.


We helped automate the process of photographing a large number of players, ensuring control over the entire process of order fulfillment and invoicing. A specific online store was created, which identifies the players and allows them to choose from several hundred products  customized for them. We created a QR code generator within the software that assigns a unique QR to each competitor. The codes are then visible in the photos and cut out in the post-production process. We expanded the revenue potential, with an online store which "knows the players" and allows them to order products that are dedicated to them.

Created Software

Now, when placing an order, competitors are offered free products paid for by their sports society. The system registers which players have chosen such products and at the end it automatically issues one cumulative invoice to the sports society. The online store now also allows consumers to build photo groups and order products with images of entire groups.The application also generates batch files for digital printing production devices to automate mass production of many individual copies.

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