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Digital signage

Starting state

Client offers car maintenance services such as protective coatings. Although they provide a premium service, the sales team experienced difficulties convincing customers of the value of these products, since they were unable to articulate an answer to the inevitable question “What’s in it for me?”

The company had an extensive training system with videos that present the techniques for performing services. Yet, despite the fact that the company has been operating on the international market for decades, in Poland it is a start-up and employees are inexperienced. The company is building a franchise network and this problem threatened to bleed into all current and future locations.




Create a software that would help sales and customer acquisition

Company needs

The Poland franchise needed a way to both educate the sales employees and at the same time provide a compelling case to customers, to make them believers in the benefits of these services.


We developed a systemic solution of support through every step of the sales journey, describing the expected behavior of the seller from the moment the customer enters the company's show room until the booking is made. When the customer orders the service, the procedures guide the seller in such a way that the conversation is focused on up-selling subsequent services and increasing the value of the final invoice. This process is supported by dedicated software.

Created Software

Using information from the company’s extensive library of tutorial and training videos, we used FileMaker to create a user-friendly program that incorporates large touch screens to properly present the variety of services. This engaging display shows the techniques used and visually illustrates the finished result as well as how the protective coatings work over time.

We wanted to ensure that we created a system that takes the seller “by the hand” and guides them through showing the customer the increasing benefits to adding on additional services to their package.

The centrally managed software works in the cloud and is available to all branches. If another service is added to the company's portfolio, all locations can instantly see these new additions added in real-time to their touch panels.

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