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Automation of internal processes for Accounting company

Starting state

InLAND Audit has a large, diverse portfolio ofmedium and large corporate clients, with some being Polish branches ofinternational corporations, as well as listed companies and capital groups.

In order to ensure the smooth implementationof all processes, the owners were involved in all aspects of the company'soperations. This didn’t allow them time to devote to organizationaloptimization, so the company was not operating at its full potential. Forinstance, over 30% of employees' working time was spent on tasks that were notagreed upon with the clients at the stage of signing contracts and thereforethis time was not being invoiced.


inLAND Audit




Increase the revenue
Processes optimalization

Next Steps

Our client needed to create a system thatallowed for the possibility of a more flexible definition of the terms ofservice provision, including introducing a data system to record worksperformed by employees that were not a standard part of the client’s agreement. 

We were tasked with creating an efficientsystem for the communication of performed works and an automated process forgenerating contracts and invoicing. This needed to take into account the entirespectrum of performed tasks as well as individual conditions of cooperationspecific to each client. Digitization and optimization of service processes aswell as integration with the financial and accounting system was also required.


Thanks to thetransformation we implemented, the company significantly increased itsrevenues. Optimizations in the IT area included system integration andautomatic recognition of content on scanned documents. Direct costs of theservices provided decreased by 19% and the owners gained greater opportunitiesto control ongoing activities and ensure quality. Clients are also moresatisfied since employees now have more time to spend with them and thetime-consuming invoicing process has been reduced by 95%. Today the firm’sinvoicing process is automatic and requires only minimal supervision.

Created Software

We used FileMaker to create a CRM system thatintegrated with their current accounting software to provide automation in thecreation of new contracts, allowing for instant calculating of estimates andproposals. It registers tasks performed by employees and qualifies them forinvoicing, and invoices are then automatically issued. This system also reportsthe status of work performed and provides current information on how customersare growing, which allows for the early renegotiation of contracts.

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